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1. Free Registration

You will need to open an account for free with Currency Change.

You can open an account online here, by email at registration@currencychange.com, by phone on +44 (0)20 7373 2686 or by post.

You will then be assigned your own consultant who will help you on every step of the transaction.

2. Best exchange rate

When you will want to transact we will agree with you a money exchange rate and send you a confirmation email within minutes. We will always save you money in comparison to your bank, up to 4% of your capital exchanged.

3. Money transfer

You will then send to us the currency you are selling. We will convert it at the exchange rate pre- agreed during the transaction and will send the funds on to the bank account(s) you have requested.


How do you send to us your money to exchange?

From the UK, you instruct your bank to transfer money from your account to ours, by using your online or telephone banking, or by going into your branch and making a same-day CHAPS transfer.

For outside the UK and/or non-sterling payments, you instruct your bank to transfer money to us as a SWIFT payment, the main system for international transfers.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 373 2686 or email us on info@currencychange.com to talk to a professional consultant who will assist you on every step of the transaction. Click here and we"ll call you back.

Email us on info@currencychange.com for more information


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